I love to take pictures that capture the personality of the subjects. I love editing a shot that takes my breath away because the emotion leaps off of the print. I look for those hidden moments when you finally forget the camera is pointed on you….when you let go and your true feelings and emotions shine through on film.  I like a simple feel to my pictures, not overly burdened down with props and such.  My feet are my zoom, so I am right in there with you, giving you direction and subtle hints to make your pictures meaningful and REAL.  I would love to be part of this special time in your life, whether, it is capturing a newborn’s first few days, a couple who are madly in love, the excitement of a wedding day as it unfolds, or just some fun family pictures.

Please contact me at fignewton34@hotmail.com  (yes, I still use the email address I made in 9th grade….)

One Response to Hi!

  1. Heather Despins says:

    I am looking to get family photos done fairley quickley. I’m from Morinville and it would be a shoot with my husband, myself, our son (5) and our daughtet (3) with possibley our dogs. do you have availability coming up and can you please send me prices as well. thanks so much!!

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